Each NFT has been handcrafted by an artist using digital artwork techniques assisted with Artificial Intelligence.

Each NFT consists of a story line, language, role, and statistics.

These traits and characteristics are used to calculate rarities in the NFT to help traders determine value between them outside of the original artwork. Rarities are calculated by the following formula: ( 1 / (Trait_Occurrence / Number_of_NFTS) )
Stats and Rarities

Holders who currently own a Borg will earn D8A Tokens. These tokens can be exchanged for items minted on the Sologenic Marketplace. These items can be used to synthesize and upgraded 0xCyborg.

Holders are added to VIP channels in discord and directly effect the direction of the NFT. They currently have early access to any NFT we develop and mint on the marketplace. They also get to see project development in realtime. So far, upgradable NFT's were the biggest request, so we have developed a strategy that aligns with those requests. We are a community first NFT.

The beginning of our metaverse has been created in the form of an NFT Gallery. This gallery was developed in Unity3d, and is playable in a Firefox/Chrome web browsers on any PC/MAC/Linux system.

Airdrop June 2022

Airdrop collections have been created to develop scarcity and excitement within the project. Each Airdrop collection will have unique traits and added benefits to the holders who receive them.

A Cyborg holder will be randomly selected each month using XRPL Trustlines.

The first airdrop collection is "Scattered Fragments"

Airdrop Eligibility Requirements:

1. Must Retweet and Follow The Post

2. Must be a Discord Member LEVEL 2

3. Hold at least one 0xCyborg NFT.

4. Create 1 AI Artwork in #ai-art-generator and post to any social media platform with the following text.

"I made this using my 0xCyborg NFT, join the today!"


5. Setup Trustlines to the following NFTs.
Scattered Fragment NFT #5
Scattered Fragment NFT #15
Scattered Fragment NFT #18
Scattered Fragment NFT #21

6. Ensure your wallet is listed here by July 1st 00:00 UTC.

6. Winners will be announced in our discord.

7. If you do not own a Cyborg NFT, you can still opt-in for a chance to win by sending an email to

Scattered Fragments are a unique set of artworks with an added animation. These NFT's are used to boost the statistics of each NFT.

Each stat will be multiplied by the percentage of the Scattered Fragment NFT.

For example: [Charisma: 5] will increase all held cyborgs Charisma statistic by 5%. This will increase the amount of D8A Reward Tokens earned every week. Tokens can be exchanged for items, and the ability to upgrade an NFT.

D8A Reward Tokens

D8A Reward tokens is a community developed project where tokens can be earned by holding on to 0xCYBORG NFT's. The sum of the character statistics are used to earn tokens with the formula: (SumOfStats * 0.22).

No ETA on a registered tradable token in XRPL. Waiting on more clarity on utility tokens.

Upgraded NFT

The original 333 Cyborgs have been minted on the blockchain, but cannot be modified. Holders would like to make modifications to these NFT's in a fun and interactive way. Original NFT purchases will be sent back to the issuer. The holder will be able to see a preview of their upgraded NFT before performing the burn and upgrade. More details coming soon!


1. Modification to the original artwork.
3. Accessories
4. Weapons
5. NFT Name Change
6. Boost Character Stats
7. Change Character Role
8. Add Languages Spoken


0xCYBORGS will stay on the XRPL Blockchain, and will never deviate to another token. The future in XLS20 is promising.

NFT Holders

These NFT's are artwork on sale for consumers to enjoy. Extra features to the project are an added benefit of holding one of our NFT's. We do not guarantee any return on investments for NFT's, or pressure holders to hold or purchase any of our NFT's. We do not take, or except investments to the project, and any income earned from selling our NFT's is used for longer term sustainment of the project.

NFT Holders are not investors, they are token holders and provided added benefits by holding a token. They are an intricate part of our community, and provide value back to our project by contributing to the long term growth.