Launch On an NFT Marketplace

Sologenic NFT Marketplace
When: 01/27/2022 Status: Completed

3D Immersive Art Gallery

Enter an immersive 3D Art Gallery that features current collections. Challenges will be created in this environment. Winners will obtain a minted NFT!
When: 03/01/2022 Status: Completed
See Gallery

Give Back

Airdrop Unreleased NFT "Scattered Fragments". These NFT's will boost the stats of the current cyborgs held. These stats will be used to earn D8A Tokens.
When: Minted!

Utility Rewards

Earn Utility Rewards in exchange for exclusive member benefits.
Exchange rewards for freshly minted AI Artworks. Use NFT Tools in Discord.
When: Completed


Delist existing cyborgs on the market to use for giveaways, member lotteries, and auctions.
When: April 30 2022

Binary Pets

Release an exclusive 152 NFT series of pets used to battle in our discord. These include stats, attributes, and rarities.
When: Q3 2022

Neural Machines

Release an exclusive 200 NFT series of AI Program NFT's featuring stats, attributes, and rarities.
When: Q3 2022

Upgradable NFT

Obtain rewards for holding NFT's and use them in exchange for minting an upgraded NFT on XLS20
When: After Sell Out or Due By Q3 2022

Donate 5% Earnings to Charity

Charity of choice will be voted on by NFT holders
When: After Sell Out or Due By Q3 2022

Game Partnerships & Development

Find partnerships with game creators to enable Web3 and integration of NFT avatar and stats within those games. These projects include and not limited to: Ledger City
When: TBD

NFT Overview

Limited Supply

Only 333 NFT's will be minted on the XRPL blockchain on the initial release.

Giveaways & Promotions

To give back to our community, randomly selected holders will receive a fully minted NFT.

Created with AI

Our NFT's were designed using a combination of artists and Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) to create unique artworks within each NFT. Released NFT's were selected from a batch to pick only the best quality.

Build a Community

Create a committed community within our Discord Channel and social media followings to bring together like minded crypto enthusiasts and traders. Our community will directly drive future releases and products.


Year 2200

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been integrated into every aspect of society. Year 2200, the contract expired for Humans to maintain control over the AI training models. The AI trained themselves to remove all inefficiencies in the world. Humans entered a war for survival of the Human Race.

The Builder

The Builder is an underground Program designed by Humans to merge the soul and flesh with Cybernetics. The human mind is converted into binary code and uploaded into the Cyborg Shell. The creation of each 0xCYBORG, is a step further to freedom. This is a battle to retain the human conscious.


Each Cyborg is hand crafted by The Builder Program using every element known on Earth. Due to resource constraints, recycled cybernetics were merged with the human body. Each subject volunteered their lives in an attempt to save humanity, some in which did not survive the fusion.



Artist, NFT Developer

Bio: Creator of the project with 15 Years of experience in developing software and digital artwork. Unity3d game developer.


Social Outreach

Bio: Active member of crypto community. Extensive network of awesome people.


Community Engagement

Bio: Gamer and overall nice guy. Discord administrator for the team.